Wine Tasting Workshop between Toulouse and Carcassonne (Aude Vineyard)

Accessible et Plaisant Wine Tasting

Dégustation de vin près de Toulouse
Le Parfum des Anthocyanes®:
Knowing how to appreciate wine and talk about it

"Who knows how to taste never drinks wine again but tastes secrets"

Salvador Dali

Our WineTasting Workshop is made for you!

Le Parfum des Anthocyanes® proposes sensory wine tasting workshops between Toulouse and Carcassonne. Fun and friendly, our workshop is for wine lovers who want to learn about tasting, or deepen their oenological skills while having an unforgettable time.

Discover the opinions of our customers:


Catherine : ‘ A privileged moment. An oenological experience within everyone’s reach, but with great professionalism….

Isabelle  : ‘An extraordinary experience in a magical place. A didactic and fun approach that awakens our senses….
…. To live without moderation! 

Fabrice : ‘ Approach to tasting accessible to everyone, skilled wine tasters or not. Exceptional geographical location….
….. Very good wines for tasting and sale.

A very nice birthday present from my loved ones

atelier de Dégustation de vin près de Toulouse

Who are we?

Toulouse residents passionate about wine tasting, and wine in general!


Nos ateliers

The workshops take place at our winemaker partner: Domaine Le Fort . 

The exact address is:

Domaine Le Fort – 11290 Montreal of the Aude.

This workshop is for all wine lovers looking for an original and enriching wine experience in a magnificent landscape. 

The beginner will learn the basics of wine tasting and the associated vocabulary. The more experienced wine lover will appreciate the sensory approach which will allow him to deepen his oenological skills.

The only entry requirement is legal majority (18 years). We reserve the right to refuse entry to the course if a minor has been registered.

See our page Notre Atelier,  and in particular the section ‘The course of the Workshops’

We limit our workshops to a maximum of 10 people.

This reduced number promotes exchange and listening to everyone.

Votre réservation

You can book a workshop on the date that suits you, and pay it directly by credit card from our site.

You will receive a confirmation of the reservation by email within 24 hours.
You will also receive a reminder email 48 hours before the date of the workshop.

Beyond the 14 legal days of the right of withdrawal after the date of your order , you will no
longer be able to cancel a workshop or modify its date. 

However, you can offer your place to the person of your choice. In this case, it will suffice for your guest on the day of the workshop to introduce themselves, indicating that the reservation is in your name. He will not need to present proof, the facilitator will have the attendance list.

No, that’s not a problem.
When you placed your order, you directly reserved a workshop on a given date, time and location
You have received an order summary email, and you will also receive a reminder email
48 hours before the course including invitations in PDF format
Do not hesitate to forward it to the person to whom you are offering this workshop.
Upon arrival, your guest will only need to indicate that the reservation is in your name. You do
not need to present proof, the facilitator will have the attendance list.

Vos bons cadeaux

You can buy a gift voucher and pay for it directly on our site by going to the ‘Offrir’ page

All our gift vouchers have a validity date of 6 months .
The validity date only indicates the reservation deadline. Therefore, you can
register for a workshop at a later date, provided you make the reservation before.
For example, my voucher expires on March 15, so I have until September 15 to book my
workshop, but it can take place in October, November, etc….

You will receive your gift voucher by email no later than 24 hours after your purchase .

If you have a gift voucher for a workshop, and you wish to book, you can proceed as follows:

1. Go to our website, to the page ‘RéservezChoose the date and time of the workshop that suits you and return the form (specifying that it is a gift voucher and indicating the name of the person who bought it).


2. Book the workshop by sending an email to: (specifying that it is a gift voucher and indicating the name of the person who bought it)


3. By calling +33 7 82 69 33 39